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Innovative Fibrous Catalyst Support - The Future of Catalysis

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Hydrocarbon Engineering,

FlexCat is a groundbreaking catalyst support for use in a wide range of petrochemical applications including purification and abatement. Laboratory and pilot scale testing has demonstrated several advantages FlexCat provides over traditional catalyst supports; for example, the fibrous support exhibits a 20% increase in propylene yield with 50% reduction of side products in a propane dehydrogenation reaction, while reducing the mass of catalyst support and active catalyst. Unique product forms can be developed to control reactor conditions such as pressure drop and GHSV.

The speakers will review data from various lab studies showing the benefits of the new substrate. Participants will learn:

  1. How increased surface area and porosity allows for enhanced catalysis with a new kind of mat-based catalysis vs the traditional materials of today.
  2. About studies done with industry partners like HTE and Hulteberg Chemistry and Engineering to analyse the yields, selectivity and impurities using industry relevant conditions.
  3. More about how Unifrax’s product allows for low temperature CO conversion and reduces carbon emissions to make sites greener and cleaner whilst saving costs.

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