Refinery of the Future 2020

June 25, 2020

An online conference focusing on the latest developments and innovations enabling the Refinery of the Future

ABS Group

E6 benchmarking - six efficiencies for better investments

In the past, refinery owner-operators typically evaluated the worthiness of future investment opportunities by using historical comparative analysis. This approach, however, assumed that the future would behave the same as the past. It also did not inform about the many tradeoffs inherent in an investment decision.

UOP is pleased to release a brand-new strategic framework and methodology that enables refining and petrochemical firms to have a better way to objectively quantify how well an investment opportunity will perform relative to six key resources.

The six resources are carbon, hydrogen, utilities, emissions, water — treated as a scarce resource — and capital. The methodology and framework, known as the UOP E6, enables evaluation of these six efficiencies relative to best-in-class benchmark performance, and a better understanding of trade-offs that may result from competing project objectives.

The result is that, for the first time, owner-operators can assess the value of an investment against best-in-class performance benchmarks, to ensure better alignment with business priorities and realise consistently better outcomes.

In this discussion, UOP will cover:

  • Identifying objectives that will lead to improved project performance
  • Balancing financial outcomes with social and environmental implications
  • Benchmarking investments against the latest technologies
  • Planning with a tool that provides fundamental insight into investment profitability


Michael McBride

Michael McBride
Solution Development Lead for Integrated Project Solutions, Honeywell UOP

Mike McBride is a Solution Development Lead for the Integrated Project Solutions team within UOP’s Process Technology & Equipment (PT&E) business. Mike is responsible for working with owners to provide them with optimised solutions for complex refinery and petrochemical projects. Mike has nearly three decades of experience in the petroleum industry with broad expertise in project and programme leadership. He specialises in project development support (FEL-0/1), process optimisation, and strategy. He is skilled in refinery-wide modelling and optimisation, economic benefits, project business case development, yield estimating, engineering design, revamp design, and project development.

Mike recently re-joined Honeywell UOP after 14 years with Jacobs Consultancy and Advisian where he worked on a wide variety of consulting assignments in support of early project development activities and was most recently directing their refining line of business for the Americas. He spent much of his early career at UOP in a variety of roles, including Process Engineer, Field Service Engineer, Refinery Analyst, and Project Manager.