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WEBINAR - Digitising Inspection Rounds in Refining Operations

WEBINAR - Digitising Inspection Rounds in Refining Operations

08 June 2021 - 08 June 2021


Ensuring end-to-end visibility of refining operations is paramount to be able to proactively respond to critical situations with assets and processes and avoid costly events. Visibility starts with field data gathered by inspectors and it is powered by the capturing methods they use.

Join this webinar to discover how to move away from manual, paper-based practices to efficiently capture field data through automated workflows. We will cover the technologies digitising field inspection tasks and how they integrate with the rest of your organisation to depict a complete, accurate picture of your operations and use this data to make informed, earlier decisions.

This webinar is part of the Honeywell Forge Webinar Series that will cover a range of topics, including:

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Carlos Pazos

Product Marketing Manager, Honeywell