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SOGAT 2019

SOGAT 2019

28 April 2019 - 02 May 2019


SOGAT has grown to be recognised as the premier event in the international oil and gas calendar focusing on sour hydrocarbon developments in the Middle East.

Invited papers for the SOGAT 2019 conference programme covering the technical scope shown below are being sought.

  • Technology Breakthroughs in Sour Hydrocaron Management.
  • Sour Oil and Gas Operations and Development.
  • Sour Oil and Gas HSE Management.
  • Sour Gas Processing of Ultra Sour and Low Quality Gas Fields.
  • SRU Design, Capacity & Operations.
  • Amine Treatment & Unit Operations.
  • Sulfur Management.
  • Debottlenecking and Turndown.
  • Catalyst Improvements.
  • CO2 /Acid Gas Reinjection.
  • SO2 Emission Management.
  • Energy Efficiency within Plant Management Sour Hydrocarbon Materials Management Refractory & Reactor Furnace Issues Contamination Management.

In keeping with previous years, in depth and practical workshops on topical issues that contribute to enhancing efficient operations will be presented in the first part of SOGAT 2019 and will cover: Practical Amine Treating, Sulfur Recovery Practices, Process Modelling and AGI and other topics under consideration by the Advisory Committee. The SOGAT Exhibition will see leading vendors and suppliers present and thus SOGAT 2019 will continue its well-known trend and reputation as the international event that provides a one stop review of all the latest developments in global sour hydrocarbon management at a time when sour field development plans abound.