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WEBINAR - Digital Reliability: 24/7 Real-Time Machinery Diagnostics

WEBINAR - Digital Reliability: 24/7 Real-Time Machinery Diagnostics

13 May 2020 - 13 May 2020


It is well-known that the primary costs and losses in petroleum refining come from sudden failures of equipment. A distributed control system (DCS) supplies comprehensive information on the process and operation modes of the equipment. However, its health during operation escapes the attention of operators who continuously change process modes while controlling the process plant. Conventional solutions such as protection or condition monitoring systems are focused on the confining of consequences, but not on preventing breakdowns. If the protection system alarms, the breakdown happens; moreover, every condition monitoring system requires interpretation by an expert and nobody understands what should be done to prevent failure without it.

For sustainable and reliable operation, it is necessary to provide operators with timely, unbiased information on how the operation mode affects the equipment's health before a failure when early diagnostics of defects allow people to eliminate future issues at its emergent stage.

To answer what digital reliability is and what benefits it could bring for process plants, join Dynamics Scientific for their webinar where they will discuss the difference between reliability and digital reliability, what diagnostics and early diagnostics mean, what the differences between protection, condition monitoring and diagnostic system are and finally, how 24/7 real-time diagnostics adds value to every processing facility.