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6th Opportunity Crudes Conference

6th Opportunity Crudes Conference

22 October 2018 - 24 October 2018


Geopolitical tensions and growing trade spats have created volatility and uncertainty in the oil market, threatening feedstock delivery to global refineries and disrupting steady plant operations.

We've assembled a group of industry experts and market experts to discuss and dissect some of the most pressing but niche challenges and opportunities facing global refiners in processing a variety of crudes, while examining these issues against the broader backdrop of a world market in flux. More than 30 speakers have come together to form a diverse but focused agenda, complete with Q&A forums to address registrants' specific questions caused by crude disruptions.

As in our previous meetings, this conference is expected to be highly productive and rewarding because of excellent presentations, the timely theme, well-organised agenda, and a stimulating atmosphere to encourage the exchange of ideas over complimentary breakfasts, lunches, and receptions! Also, the two-and-a-half-day event is followed by Crude Oil Quality Association's fall meeting to provide excellent networking opportunities for our upstream, midstream, and downstream colleagues, creating a unique meeting space to bring many of the industry's moving parts together.