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11th EFRC Conference

11th EFRC Conference

13 September 2018 - 14 September 2018


The European Forum for Reciprocating Compressors (EFRC) was founded in June 1999 as non-profit association to support European users, manufacturers and scientists working in the field of reciprocating compressors in terms of technology, exchange of experience, formation and enforcement of standards and pre-competitive research. Since then its geographical reach has grown from Central Europe to entire Europe and recently to the US. The initiative was to build a vivid forum incorporating the principles of commercial conferences as well as of an institution promoting the interest of compressor users and compressor industry.

EFRC offers a compressor training session focusing on State-of-the-Art Design of Reciprocating Compressor Systems.

Young engineers from operators, engineering companies and suppliers will be given an in-depth overview all relevant technical aspects, such as:

  • Options for compressor sizing
  • Options for capacity control
  • Options for foundation design
  • Options for driver design
  • Options for vibration control
  • Low-speed versus high-speed compressors